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About Wedding Planning

Your wedding is important to you.
Therefore I would like to support you to organize a wonderful and unforgettable wedding.
But your marriage is also important to you.
And therefore I would like to not only prepare your wedding but also your marriage together with you.
While planning your wedding, many things are important to you – a great location, the perfect dress, beautiful rings, loved ones by your side, a decoration that expresses your personality, etc… and oftentimes you prepare this “most beautiful day of your life” for many, many months. I would like to support you to make your dream wedding a reality and will keep a lot of stress away from you so that you can focus on the essentials.

But my accompaniment does not stop there, since I hope just like you that this most beautiful day will be followed by many, many beautiful days. Therefore I will help you to not only prepare for your wedding day but also for your marriage, since an intensive and strong love is a wonderful foundation for a marriage but in really difficult situations - which life unfortunately holds in store for all of us at some point in time - it is unfortunately often not enough.

The good news is: a good relationship is no witchcraft and many things that make a marriage good and happy longterm are learnable. Oftentimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. And that is exactly what I would like to help you with!

Research proves that the marriages of couples who have participated in psychological marriage preparation before the wedding, are longer-lasting, happier and characterized by:

  • improved communication
  • better conflict management skills
  • higher dedication to one's mate
  • greater emphasis on the positive aspects of a relationship and
  • improved overall relationship quality improved communication

I am looking forward to help you make your wedding day an unforgettable day and the beginning of countless wonderful days in your „marriage adventure“.