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Marriage Preparation

An intensive and strong love is a wonderful foundation for a marriage but in really difficult situations - which life unfortunately holds in store for all of us at some point in time - it is unfortunately often not enough. Imagine being a explorer travelling to unknown territory - without food, map or compass, completely unprepared. How likely is it that you would survive or even reach your goal? In today's time with its changing values und reformed gender roles a marriage between two individual is definitely unknown territory.
Today we have to have an education for every career, when we want to learn how to drive we have to take driving lessons but when we get married and have children we are supposed to manage this great task without any training or help?

In order for you not to have to master this great and exciting task all by yourself, I help you to prepare for the "marriage adventure". After a thorough assessment I develop a marriage preparation program which is specifically designed for your background and your relationship and which we then work through in several sessions or full day/weekend blocks (in total 8 to 32 hours).

Based on scientific findings from relationship research and many years of experience I help you

  • to work on knowing yourself (sind this is the foundation for any happy relationship),
  • to become aware of the strengths of your relationship and
  • build a culture of fondness and appreciation,
  • in which you turn towards each other,
  • take on a positive perspective and
  • stay in contact with each other.
  • We practice conflict management strategies together,
  • I support you to create a vision for your marriage and
  • acquire good habits which keep a marriage alive and happy longterm.
  • We consult about equality and gender roles in marriage and 
  • optionally we can also discuss the topics children and/or finances.
  • We learn about the phases each marriage goes through and
  • learn the "Love Language" of our partner.
  • Depending on the concrete challenges you as a couple are confronted with, we focus on developing solution strategies for these areas and
  • familiarize ourselves with approaches that can make everyday life as a couple easier and more beautiful.

While treating all of these aspects it is important to me to not only convey theoretical knowledge but to especially build and practice practical competences you can always draw on when the road gets a little rocky at times.