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Katrin was a great help in planning our German-British wedding. We are convinced that this day without her help would not have been nearly as beautiful and unforgettable as we were able to experience it. She did not only contribute to structuring the day (How long does it take the guests to get from A to B? Do we have to offer lunch if we start before 2pm? etc.) but also made valuable suggestions regarding decorations and order of events.
One example is the bound book she created with the help of many of our guests - both those who were present and those who were not able to attend - which included stories and anecdotes from the life of the couple, letters from our friends and recipes for a good marriage. The love for detail and the fact that it contains contributions from all over the world, make it very special and a wonderful keepsake for us. Furthermore Katrin created a special guest book, as well as colouring books with wedding themes for the youngest guests.
Besides the active planning of our wedding, the organisation and structure of the wedding program with its creative, moving and funny contributions which we are very grateful for, her psychological marriage preparation, based on many years of experience and scientific reseach, gave us many valuable impulses for our married life. It gave us the opportunity to talk with her about topics such as finances, children and spirituality in the marriage which we can use as the foundation for further consulations.
We are very grateful to Katrin for her loving and intensive support and for creating an unforgettable and inspiring day.

Stephanie and Jan, happily married since August 2012

We got married in August 2008 and our wedding will always stand out in our memory as one of the most beautiful days of our life and you have contributed greatly to it. Before the wedding you were by our side with much time and good ideas. We could have long marriage preparation sessions with you: about choosing the right partner, the meaning of marriage, handling conflict, spiritual attitudes, raising children etc. With these valuable conversations and helpful literature tipps we intensely thought and consulted about these topics and felt well prepared to undertake the joint path of marriage.
When it came to the practical planning of our wedding day, we could always count on you. You designed wedding invitations according to our very specific ideas which were simply perfect. In matching style, you created the ceremony booklets for the guests and the menu cards. Since we had very different guests, you had the wonderful idea to provide the guests with buttons which would help them strike up a conversation which is one of the parts of the wedding our guests still remember fondly to this day. The decoration of the room and the wedding bouquet were amazing and could not have been more beautifully and lovingly created.
Thanks to your and your tireless commitment before and on the day of, our wedding was like a perfect dream and we still feast in the beautiful memories. Our guests were also enthusiastic about the day.
We wish every couple that they can get prepared for their wedding and - even more important - the life afterwards with your help as wonderfully as we have.

Susanne and Andreas, happily married since August 2008

Thank you so much for your wonderful support during our wedding. The Jam-Give-Aways, the wonderful ceremony booklets and the beautiful buffet cards contributed to our wedding being one of the most beautiful days of our life. The many great ideas from your wedding folder were very helpful in planning our big day. A big thank you also for the white tie you organized last minute on the wedding day.

Susanne and Sina, happily married since August 2008

Katrin Modabber is a real organizing talent and gets completely absorbed in planning and finding creative solutions to difficult situations while at the same time spreading infectious good mood. Our wedding celebration was several years ago but we still remember it with great joy.
Katrin supported us in preparing a beautiful wedding ceremony and enriched it with her wonderful singing. We believe a wedding with almost 100 guests relies on the family and friends creating a special evening for the bride and groom. Katrin organized this evening and mobilised so many guests that we could experience a funny, moving, uplifting and beautiful evening. She created and put together a wedding magazine with contributions from our friends and an elegant website with wedding pictures.
Without Katrin's help our wedding day would not have been half as beautiful...

 Mariam and Rouven, happily married since August 2001